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Capital Services Company Limited

87/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok.

In this contract, if not specifically defined otherwise.

"Credit Charge" means the interest rate and the fee for the use of the rate specified in clause 5.1r-spacing: 0p of this contract

"Company" means Ayudhya Capital Services Company Limited.

"Credit Card" means Krungsri Kasikornbank Public Company Limited or Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited.

"Cardholder" means the person who has been approved by the Company to be a member of the Company for the use of a personal credit card and to provide the Card as a Primary Cardholder and Supplementary Cardholder.

Before using a credit card and / or using the credit limit under this cardholder, please read the terms and conditions of this card order and / or use any credit facilities under this card. Cardholders agree to be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions. This agreement requires additional and credit card customers and credit lines under the card that the cardholder made with the previous company and is considered part of the contract. This is not a conversion of a new debt or the end of any rights and / or obligations of a party without the need for the cardholder to sign. In another document

1. Card features and purpose of card usage.

1.1 Credit Card This is a credit card used to accept credit cards and credit card credit cards for installment and credit card cash) to obtain products and / or services for the business of cardholders or other persons. Or For any other purposes that are illegal or whose purpose is prohibited by law, it is impossible or contrary to public order or morals.

1.2 credit line for installment payment; and (3) credit limit by credit limit received by the cardholder. It will be in accordance with the Company's policy and may be subject to change as the Company deems appropriate in accordance with the Company's regulations, depending on the use of the payment history card. Card usage and / or age of Cardholder's use of each type of card will be subject to the terms of this agreement.

And credit card service will follow this announcement in accordance with the Notification of the Bank of Thailand and other laws relating to the service of credit card for installment payment. The Bank of Thailand and other laws related to personal loans.

2. The rights of the cardholder.

2.1 Card issued by the Company to be the proprietor of the Company, which is granted to the Cardholder only, the Cardholder will not sell or transfer the rights under this Card and / or Contract, in whole or in part, to any other person. The replacement card and / or signature must be used in all cases where the cardholder's signature is required to be automatically assigned in the designated slot. By signing the card and / or using this card, the cardholder agrees to be bound and bound by and abides by the terms and conditions of this contract as well as any other terms and conditions to be modified by the Company in the future.

2.2 In using this card, the cardholder can use the card to cash in advance or use this card to pay for goods and services in the form of each type of credit within the limit approved by the company, the company reserves the right not to approve and not. Credit card authorization for the purchase of merchandise and / or services by merchants or locations with a prefix is ​​a credit line, where the cardholder must comply with the guidelines specified in Clause 6 of this contract. (B) In the use of cards to withdraw money of customers who wish to use credit cards in the check. Payments for goods and / or installment payments will be based on the credit line for the payment of goods. The cardholder must comply with the rules specified in Article 8 of this contract. (Including payment deductions The credit card holder agrees to comply with the suggestions (if any), whether signed by the cardholder or not, as part of this agreement and agree to accept. In the terms and conditions stated in the contract in all respects.

2.3 In case the cardholder uses one credit limit (Or all) beyond the limit set by the Company, from time to time, by the Company. The card and the cardholder agree to pay the excess amount applied to the entire company by the cardholder who can not make the minimum payment in 4.1.

2.4 In addition to the rules in clause 3.2, the cardholder agrees that the amount of money under the card that the company authorizes the cardholder to use is the limit that the Company may consider changing. (Whether adjusted or reduced) at a later date in accordance with the Company's guidelines.